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Level 6 -Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Level 5 - Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

 Level 4 -Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Level 3 - Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operation

Level 2 - Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations


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Study Material: 

The hard copy material is sent to you by courier. There is one booklet for each module of study (ie five booklets for each Level of study). The higher levels of study (Levels 4, 5 & 6) even have separate revision notes to work through and a reference text book for background reading. 

At all levels of study the material is specially written and designed in an easy-to-use format covering the learning outcomes identified by CIPS. You will be taken through the subjects and topics just as face-to-face lectures would.  

When you study by distance learning through MCG :

  • You can work at your own speed, at times which are convenient to you.

  • You never miss out on any part of the course because it is all there in the study material.

  • You don't have to struggle to take notes while a lecturer is speaking.

  • If necessary you can keep going over the same section of work until you are satisfied that you understand it fully.

  • You can mark the material in any way to highlight important points.

  • You can gauge your own progress as you work through the material and prepare for assessment.

  • At the higher levels of study (Levels 4, 5 & 6) you will have access to past exam papers.  

Study Guidance: 

When you study through MCG we will discuss your circumstances and prepare a customised study schedule for you to follow. The schedule can be altered at any time if your circumstances change. There will also be advice for students at all levels of study on preparing for exams. The tutor assigned to support you will have the same study schedule and the same study material so that you can communicate effectively with each other.


  MCG - CIPS Exam Centre Number - 005031578